Patient Rights

Patient Rights

All patients of Partnership Community Health Center have the right to:
1) Be informed in writing about their rights.
2) Receive prompt and adequate treatment.
3) Know the name and credentials of the staff member providing treatment.
4) Considerate and respectful care and privacy
5) Nondiscrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, sex or sexual orientation, ethnic origin, physical or mental impairment, financial, social or veteran status, or number of prior contacts with the Health Center.
6) Participate in their treatment planning.
7) Be informed about their treatment and care.
8) Refuse treatment and medication, unless court ordered.
9) A humane psychological and physical environment.
10) The least restrictive treatment and care.
11) Not be subjected to experimental research without informed written consent.
12) Not be photographed, filmed, or taped without written consent.
13) Be free from unnecessary or excessive medications.
14) Have their patient information kept confidential.
15) Approve the release of their patient records of their medications and treatment.
16) Review their patient information and records of their medications and treatment.
17) Challenge the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or relevance of entries into their records.
18) Be informed about costs of treatment and medications.
19) Refuse drastic measures.
20) File complaints about violations of their rights.
21) Be free from any retribution for filing complaints.

Sources: 51.61 Wisconsin Statues and DHS 94 Wisconsin Administrative Code

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