Dental Care

Oral health is an important aspect of keeping your body healthy—it’s not just a luxury. Partnership Community Health Center, Inc. (PCHC) offers several dental services to meet individual and families’ needs. Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive oral exam.  We recommend yearly check ups for adults and six month check ups for children starting at age one.

Services We Offer

We are a full service clinic offering preventative services such as adult and child examinations, cleanings, fluoride, and sealants.  We also offer restorative services such as metal or tooth colored fillings, removable partial dentures, full dentures, root canals, and extractions.

At this time we unfortunately do not offer crowns and bridges.  Also, certain root canals or extractions may require referral to an outside specialist.

Children’s Oral Health

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends finding a dental home for your child by his or her first birthday.  A visit by age one allows us to diagnose oral diseases and conditions, establish a risk assessment for cavities, perform preventative care, prepare for tooth trauma and discuss a good diet for oral health.

Once a dental home has been established we strongly recommend a six month check-up schedule to prevent any problems.  Please refer to the helpful links section for further information on helping your child maintain a healthy smile.

Courtesy of the AAPD Policy on dental home

Fluoride and Amalgam

We realize that patients have many sources of dental information.  Our providers have undergone extensive education and training to provide you with the best information and care.  The type of care you receive is a decision made between you and your provider, however, we realize that there can be some alarming information circulating about certain dental materials or procedures.

Metal Fillings

Metal or “amalgam” fillings have been used for over one hundred years to fix decayed teeth.  During this time extensive research has been conducted on this material.  Amalgam fillings are considered safe by the following organizations:

  • The American Dental Association
  • American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • US Food and Drug Administration
  • World Health Organization
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Autism Society of America
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • The Mayo Clinic

The above organizations all support the use of dental amalgam because of exhaustive research.  In some situations an amalgam filling is the treatment of choice.  Your provider will discuss the best treatment for your individualized case.  If you have any further questions, please refer to the ADA’s Statement on Dental Amalgam.


Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that is our best tool in defeating cavities.  Flouride can prevent decay or help repair decay before a tooth is compromised.  There are two ways patients receive fluoride, systemically or topically.  You receive fluoride systemically from the water you drink.  Fluoride is often topically applied as a varnish to teeth as an extra boost.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed fluoridation as one of the greatest ten advances in public health.

We strongly support consuming fluoridated water and the use of fluoridated varnish on children.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask your provider or refer to the American Dental Association.

Patient Portal

At your next visit ask the Patient Service Representative to sign you up for PCHC’s Dental Patient Portal.  The Portal will allow you to view your visit overview, education materials and next scheduled appointment.  Once you are signed up you can access the Portal by clicking this link

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